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8 February 2021 - Second Meeting

✤ Both groups presented their iceberg models that was started in the last session

BSJ Students' Iceberg:

✤ A student discussion was held to talk about the icebergs as well as other elements to Denmark and Indonesia's waste management problems including their causes and how they can be addressed.

✤ The group looked at how these waste issues had any connections with the Sustainable Development Goals. For example:

  • SDG 13 (Climate Action) — This SDG is undoubtedly related to the issues we are experiencing since trash and poor waste management are severely impacting the health and condition of our environment

  • SDG 14 & 15 (Life Below Water, Life on Land) — Both life on land and water are greatly affected by waste and pollution and many have seen changes in their ecosystem. For example, the Citarum River–the world's most polluted river located in Indonesia–is no longer much liveable due to the immense amounts of waste products and wastewater being disposed into the river each day.

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